News: Surf Board Building

Surf Board Building

Step 1 Make sure you have A good place to work.


1.Unless you are setup from the start to build your surfboard.There will be a learning curve on how your work area is setup.

2.If you are going to use foam blanks, or wood as i do. You will still have all sorts of debris all around you. Saw dust is a little easy to deal with.  I'm sure you can think of your own ideas of what to do with sawdust.

3.If foam is used, recycle it, trash it, its all up to you but you will have foam pieces everywhere. Pick them up,  sweep,  vacuum. Ahhhh its every where!! lol

4.Your board is shaped. Now glass in some fin box'es, glass the board with cloth and resin. You will have drips and runs and spill and OOOOpps.!!!! I'm sorry but you will. 

5.You could work on a tarp, plywood, roofing felt, pretty much anything that fits under your work area.

More tips to come soon..

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