Forum Thread: Child support payments.

What are your thoughts? Rants and raves?

I had a idea the other day about a banking and trust fund type system,  that would hold the money for the kids until they are 18-21 or something like that.

My problem is the fathers and mothers that pay support to parents,  that do not use the money to support the kids but rather support their own personal life.

the parent that is receiving the money hassles and threatens the other parent, not let them see the kids , needs more money....The story goes on and on.

 My point is to, implement a system that keeps the money under the children's name until they are of age to make their own decisions. Or possibly a ebt type card that would have the child support payments on it. This card would have a preset product list,just like the ebt cards for state assit.

 that way the card could only be used for products that would support the child's life rather than paying for another adults way to live.  

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